3 Exciting Hawaiian Horseback Getaways

Hawaii usually conjures up images of surfing, not horseback riding, but it’s actually an extremely popular visitor activity. Horseback riding in Hawaii really is a fabulous opportunity to explore the islands’ lush greenery and mountains.

Oftentimes, exploring the islands on horseback is not only fun, but also a practical way to discover the nooks and crannies of Hawaii’s mountainsides without exhausting your legs.

Horseback getaways are available on most islands in Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Lanai. These great day trips range from a few hours to a whole day. Whether you’re a seasoned cowboy or a city slicker, a horseback adventure is within reach in Hawaii.

Take advantage of these three exciting Hawaiian horseback getaways:

Explore the Beautiful Ko’olau Mountain Range on Oahu’s North Shore

The Island of Oahu is home to the state’s busy capital. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown and Waikiki beach, there is refuge in the mountains and the north shore.

The Ko’olau Range is the major mountain chain located on the eastern half of the island, and it’s known for having the most majestic views of the coastline. Horseback riding is one of the many ways to experience this great natural beauty.

There are many companies that offer guided tours on horseback for exploring the Ko’olau Mountains. One such company is the Gunstock Ranch, a 400-acre working ranch operated by the Smith family for over 35 years. They offer wonderful tours of their ranch on horseback.

Another famed operator is the Kualoa Ranch, also located in the foothills. They offer spectacular tours of the ranch, where you can experience wonderful views of the mountains and ocean. The ranch has a long history—150 years and counting—and it offers a rich array of outdoor activities in addition to riding.

Kualoa Ranch is also known for being the backdrop of many famous films like Jurassic Park, Mighty Joe Young, Pearl Harbor, and many more. This is your chance to experience what you’ve only seen in the movies!

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Experience an Equestrian Journey through the Big Island’s Waipio Valley

A horseback adventure is the perfect way to see the sweeping views of the Big Island’s Waipio Valley, an enchanting place that literally means “land of curving water.”

Hiring a guide for an awesome journey like this one is as easy as pie. There are many companies that can whisk you into Waipio Valley via horseback, including Waipio Ridge Stables, Pa’ani Ranch and Kahua Ranch.

Tours will take you from the rim of Waipio Valley, providing magnificent views, to the top of Hi’ilawe, one of Hawaii’s highest and most awe-inspiring waterfalls. From the top of Waipio Valley, visitors will see the beautiful stretch of the black sand beach.

Check out Kahua Ranch, a 12,000-acre working cattle and sheep ranch offering well-trained and healthy horses for riding adventures. Expert guides from the ranch’s stables cater to every skill level of rider, guiding visitors through the valley, the lush pastures dotted with sheep and cattle and the winding coastline.

Pa’ani Ranch is another great outfit that offers riding tours through the Waipio Valley. Personalized tours of no more than seven riders allow visitors plenty of opportunity to trot the 220-acre ranch’s lush grasslands and animal life.

Na’alapa Stables, a trusted provider of horseback journeys, offers responsive and healthy horses for your individual riding ability and comfort level. As you ride along the routes, guides will share Waipio’s rich history and culture.

Book a Fantastic Horseback Adventure through Kauai’s Unspoiled Outdoors

Kauai’s backcountry is ripe for exploration on horseback. Expeditions will take you through the amazing countryside, where you’ll be greeted with sweeping panoramas of the ocean and the other islands of Hawaii.

Rides will take you to see the dramatic bluffs of Kauai’s coastline, the sweeping views of the Hanalei mountains, and the green pastures of the ranch. Enjoy views of the Anini reef, the largest reef in Hawaii, and the historic Kilauea Lighthouse and bird sanctuary.

One company offering horseback trips is the Esprit De Corps Riding Academy, located inland from the Coconut Coast on Kauai. The experienced horse competitors and trainers at the Academy are attentive and patient with visitors. All horses are trained in both English and Western styles, with cross-breeds of Arabians, thoroughbreds, quarter horses and Morgans, as well as purebred Welsh ponies.

Another well-known ranch is the Princeville Ranch on Kauai’s spectacular north shore. The ranch is a 2,500-acre working cattle ranch, one of Hawaii’s oldest ranches. The owners are a fifth-generation local island family. The long history of this ranch guarantees that you’ll learn a lot about the local history and culture of Kauai.

Don’t miss these opportunities to see the best views in Hawaii from horseback. Saddle up and head for the hills!