5 Cheap European Destinations

Most people think a European vacation would be insanely expensive; after all, the currency of the European Union is valued higher than the dollar. Additionally, the pound in Great Britain is valued at nearly double the American dollar. This means that your money doesn’t go very far in popular destinations like France, England and Italy.

Good thing you have 50 countries in Europe to choose from! A little thinking outside the box and a bit of research will yield many results for cheap European destinations. Believe it or not, there are plenty of budget-friendly trips in store for you in Europe.

I’m going to boil down the results into five cheap European destinations that are worth the trip across the pond.

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1. Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague is not only a popular tourist destination, but also an extremely affordable one. This thousand-year-old Eastern European city is home to historical sites galore, including the picturesque Charles Bridge, Castle Vysehrad, Old Town Square with the famous clock, the Havelska Flower Market and much more.

In fact, according to TripAdvisor, Prague ranked as the 20th most affordable destination in the entire world in 2012! As you can see, there’s a wide consensus on the affordability of this wonderful city.

Average prices for one night’s stay and a day’s activities average around a couple hundred dollars for two people.

Meal prices in Old Town are a bit high, especially near the plaza square. Venture just a few blocks away, though, and you’ll find cheap restaurants, cafés and cafeterias with delicious Czech food.

2. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw might seem a little far from the center of the action, but this popular Eastern European city is a place where your dollar will go pretty far. The city stands out as a haven for travelers seeking luxurious accommodations at bargain-basement prices. In fact, a five-star hotel in Warsaw cost an average of $130 a night in 2011!

Meals are fairly inexpensive in Warsaw, so you won’t go hungry trying to save money on your trip. Transportation is also cheap, as the city is well connected by trains and buses, and you can opt for a taxi if you fancy.

Additionally, there’s lot to see in Warsaw, including Old Town Center, Royal Castle, King Zygmunt’s Column, Market Square, the Barbican, the beautiful architecture and many city parks. As you can imagine, there are also many historical areas where you can experience Jewish history and culture.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re thinking about a Western European adventure on the cheap, try going to Lisbon. Overall, Portugal is less expensive than Spain, even though Spain is a fairly affordable destination due, unfortunately, to an economic downturn in the past few years.

A four-star hotel averages $130, a steal in Europe as far as cozy hotels go. Eating in Lisbon is also quite affordable and the food is terrifically fresh; the city has some of the best seafood in the world.

Lisbon’s offerings are also plentiful, including sweeping sea views, magnificent beaches, charming cobblestone streets and stunning Gothic cathedrals.

Many Lisbon cultural attractions offer free admission on Sundays, including the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and the Torre de Belem, a historical fortress.

4. Budapest, Hungary

In a recent survey, Budapest was ranked as one of the most affordable cities for U.S. travelers in all of Europe. The cost for a one-night stay in a four-star hotel, one cocktail per person, a two-course dinner with wine, and a round-trip taxi ride is only $194!

Clearly, Budapest will not bust your budget, and you’ll even wind up spending much less than you had planned. Although hotel rates in the summer are more expensive, they’re still fairly low compared to the rest of Europe.

The sightseeing in Budapest is superb as well. Check out the neo-Gothic Parliament, the awesome Castle Hill, the River Danube, the impressive National Szechenyi Library, the 700-year-old Matthias Church, the gorgeous Hungarian State Opera House, and the largest synagogue in Europe: the Dohany Street Synagogue.

The entire city is really well-connected by trains, trams and buses, and ticket prices are rock bottom. Meals are quite cheap as well; you’ll eat until you’re stuffed for fairly reasonable prices, even at tourist-centric spots.

5. Berlin, Germany

This is a great city to go to and becoming better and better. The city’s really blossoming as a popular destination in Central Europe, with more tourists flocking to this affordable city every year.

Here’s why: Berlin’s ranked as one of the most affordable cities for luxury hotels in the world. The average price of a luxury hotel in Berlin in 2011 was $198 per night! Of course, non-luxury hotels are priced even lower.

The wonderful City of Berlin boasts way more than beer and sausages, although you shouldn’t miss those two specialties. Berlin is also noted for its nightlife, numerous cultural institutions, parks and shopping.

The city is home to 420 art galleries, 153 museums, 50 theaters and three opera houses. Berlin’s clubbing scene makes it the premier nightlife destination of Europe. Many historical buildings also host underground and counterculture gatherings and parties.

You definitely won’t be bored in this vibrant city!

Europe has many other excellent and affordable destinations. Check out the European Backpacker Index for more recommendations and price tag analyses.