What Is Your Ideal Vacation?

We all have our own idea of the perfect vacation. Do any of the following sound like yours?

  • Witnessing a turtle glide peacefully through azure blue water
  • Taking in panoramic views of the Hawaiian Islands’ coastline from a helicopter
  • Zip-lining through ancient forest
  • Discovering the sacred Hawaiian culture while enjoying a sumptuous buffet dinner
  • Jet skiing with the wind in your hair
  • Horseback riding across a remote beach

They all sound pretty good to me and there is one trusted place you can find them all: Tom Barefoot’s Tours.

Why Use Tom Barefoot’s Tours?

Since 1975, Tom Barefoot’s Tours have helped travelers experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Low Prices

What people love most about TBT is their low price guarantee. Even luxury travelers love exceptional value, and you will find it here!

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Honest Traveling Advice

Something else that makes TBT one of the most referred tour providers in Hawaii is that they offer nothing but honest advice.

It doesn’t take a genius to know when someone is stretching the truth to try to sell you something. Chances are that if you called up any of the activity companies that they work with directly and asked them if they are the best at what they do, they would tell you “Yes” without any hesitation (which makes sense, because it is in their best interests to do so).

At Tom Barefoot’s Tours, they operate a bit differently. If you call and ask what the “best” activity is, they will normally respond by first asking you some questions about your group so they can get a better idea of what might appeal to you. After carefully listening to your answers they will then make recommendations based on the specific wants and needs of your group.

Perfect, right?

Fast and Easy to Use

TBT also makes everything super easy for you with printable tickets and the option to pay for everything online using their safe and secure payment system.

If you want honest advice on the best-value tours and activities in Hawaii, go and check out what they have to offer:

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Safe travels!