Hawaii for Seniors – You’re Not Too Old to Have a Good Time

Taking an island vacation to experience the tropical breezes and majestic ocean views isn’t just for young whippersnappers. Although many people consider Hawaii to be a prime destination for honeymooners, surfers and other adventure seekers, Hawaii is actually terrific for older folks as well.

There’s no shortage of island activities for all ages and lifestyles. Hawaii has a fairly large population of seniors, and if they can have a good time, so can you!


There are many low-key activities available. Hawaii boasts dozens of spectacular beaches, and there’s no obligation to do much of anything to enjoy them. There’s no rule that says you must do crazy things like surf, kiteboard or jet ski.

The opportunities to just lie on the beach and soak up the rays (with appropriate sunscreen, of course) are plentiful. After all, it doesn’t take much effort to lounge on the beach!

Believe me, nobody’s going to judge you for staying put on the beach. “No worries!” say local Hawaiian residents. It’s an attitude that you’ll likely pick up while you’re unwinding on your trip.


The islands also have many low-impact walks and hikes that let you experience the natural beauty of Hawaii. For example, the walk to see the Makapu’u lighthouse only takes half an hour and is on a smooth road that’s paved with asphalt. There’s a small incline, but nothing insurmountable for those in reasonable shape.


If walking poses a problem, Hawaii’s driving culture will serve you well. There are many viewing points that you can simply drive to. You can then walk around the area if you feel so inclined.

For example, the Nuuanu Pali Lookout is one such turnoff from the H-1 highway on the island of Oahu. You park at the turnoff and stroll a very short distance to the viewing point, where there are magnificent views of the windward side, the Koolau Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, all of which can be experienced without breaking a sweat. Be careful with your hat, though; it gets very windy!

Another fabulous lookout is the Puu Ualakaa State Park / Mt. Tantalus Lookout on the island of Oahu. You can reach the summit of Puu Ualakaa State Park via Round Top Drive, which loops around Tantalus and the ridges above Honolulu.

At the top of Puu Ualakaa, there are million-dollar views of the island’s south shore—from Diamondhead all the way to the Waianae mountain range. Not far from the summit is a lookout that has a sweeping view of residential Manoa Valley.

There’s also Kalalau Valley Lookout on the island of Kauai. This lookout is easily accessible from Kokee State Park; simply take Kokee Road beyond Waimea Canyon State Park.

You’ll see phenomenal views of the Napali coastline and Kauai valleys. In fact, there are several lookouts on the way to the Kalalau Valley Lookout that you’ll find enjoyable.

Another great activity is taking a scenic drive up various Hawaiian neighborhoods to the ocean views from above. Many residential areas are situated on mountain ridges and organized like typical American suburbs.

An effortless drive up the residential streets can take you to the heights needed for a wonderful viewing trip. On the island of Oahu, these sorts of neighborhoods include Tantalus, Aiea Heights, St. Louis Heights and many more.

Don’t like heights? A drive through any of the following Oahu neighborhoods offers wonderful mountain and ocean views: Manoa, North Shore and Diamondhead. These areas are relatively flat.

Getting Around

Essentially, you can have a scenic trip on any drive around the small islands of Hawaii, so it’s really worth the extra dollars to rent a car.

If you’re on a budget, the public bus system is very extensive, with routes reaching into the far corners of Hawaii. An added bonus is the senior discount for bus tickets. Because Hawaii’s locals are extremely friendly, it won’t be a problem asking around for suggestions and route information. Don’t be afraid to explore!


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No matter your age or physical capabilities, you’ll have the time of your life in Hawaii. Start planning your trip today!