The Cheapest Beach Resorts in the World

The words “beach resort” often conjure up thoughts of an expensive and out-of-reach vacation, but they need not! If you’re willing to think outside the box a little, the world is really your oyster.

Just because your wallet is a little tight doesn’t mean you have to “rough it” in dorms or hostels. There are many inexpensive beach resort areas in the world, especially in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. These exotic destinations usually boast some really attractive, affordable beach resorts.

Let’s talk about some cheap beach resort destinations that you might want to consider on your next vacation.

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Located in the South Pacific, Fiji is a remote and inexpensive island getaway. It’s a great alternative to the pricey and crowded locales of Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean Islands.

Here you can stay at an upscale beach resort without having to flinch at the prices. There’s a range of accommodations in Fiji, from dorm beds starting at $21 a night to private safari-style walk-in tents starting at $110 a night.

For example, the Mango Bay Resort features Fijian-style bungalows at only $156 a night, which includes use of the resort’s pool, restaurant, bar, nightclub and outdoor movie theater. There are also free activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, cooking classes, diving lessons and much more.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Known as Tanzania’s “Spice Island,” Zanzibar has a unique Afro-Arab culture and history, in addition to magnificent beaches. This African destination is great for beach combing, cultural pursuits and relaxation.

Zanzibar would also make for a terrific pit stop after going on an animal safari on mainland Africa. From Zanzibar, you can explore the small private islands in the Zanzibar archipelago.

Accommodations are pretty inexpensive. Bed-and-breakfast room rates start at an amazingly low $40 per person per night!

Another great choice is the Imani Beach Villa, an English-owned boutique hotel with its own private beach. This small resort has only seven rooms. It also has a great restaurant and is conveniently located close to Stone Town—Zanzibar’s main city.

Koh Mook, Thailand

Thailand is very well-known for its cheap island destinations, such as Phuket and the Phi Phi islands. These islands are also overdone, though, and can be quite crowded in the busy season.

Koh Mook is an off-the-beaten-path Thai beach destination and is only accessible by boat. This makes Koh Mook one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets. As a result, it is also one of the cheapest beach resort islands in Thailand.

One cheap beach resort is the Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort, located on the tip of the island with ocean views on either side. The white sand beaches are impeccable and there’s world-class snorkeling in Emerald Cave, an underwater limestone cave filled with tropical fish. This resort has 31 awesome villas with bed-and-breakfast prices starting around a rock-bottom $114 per night!

Kangaroo Island, Australia

If your dream vacation lies in Australia but you don’t have the dough, check out Kangaroo Island, a much cheaper destination than mainland Australia.

Kangaroo Island is known for maintaining healthy populations of Australian wildlife in its pristine land and waters because there are no invasive species.

Thousands of seals bask on the beach, kangaroos hop around the dunes, and koalas relax in the island’s eucalyptus trees. The Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort has 25 rooms that are close to wildlife, including penguins!

Accommodations are very inexpensive for Australia. About $140 will get you a four-star villa, and $100 will get you a three-star room.

Vava’u, Tonga

For somewhere close to Australia that’s even more unspoiled, consider the island chain of Vava’u in Tonga.

Vava’u is known for being a prime fishing destination with an amazing harbor and untouched seas.

Vava’u isn’t just for anglers; the islands attract visitors who love wildlife and stunning beaches.

During the summer, visitors can see splendid humpback whales near Tonga before they migrate back to Antarctica.

Staying in Vava’u is very cheap. For example, the 48-room Paradise International Hotel has harbor views with rates starting as low as $70 per night! They can arrange activities like whale watching, snorkeling, picnics on deserted islands, fishing and much more.